Karina Sokulski


Karina Sokulski graduated from the University of Houston with a bachelor’s degree in creative writing. Through internships Karina discovered an interest for graphic and web design and made her interest into a business. Karina runs her own, entirely online, business which can be found at bookishpromotions.com. Her business offers graphic and web design services at affordable market prices. Additionally, Karina offers training services, so her clients can maximize their online experience.

Bookish Promotions is built on an online web building platform that offers clients total control over the web builder and subscription plan of their choosing. Bookish Promotions’ sole proprietor and graphic designer, Karina Sokulski, operates on a client-by-client basis. Karina Sokulski’s work has proven to guarantee work that is affordable, eye-catching, and unique to each client. Bookish Promotions’ roots as a graphic design company begin with Karina Sokulski’s experience working for multiple local Texas publishers. Whether indie or traditional publishing, Bookish Promotions has more than five years of experience producing marketable materials familiar to the publishing industry.

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